Discord bot stops responding after command

So I’m writing a bot that will play a random gif when called in discord. However, I want to add a feature where users can add their own gif to the pool of random ones. However, what happens is that once the put inthe link the bot stops responding. I would appreciate some help fixing it, here is the link to the replit

MGR - Replit

  if message.content.startswith("Add gif"):
    await message.reply('Type in gif link')

once someone send the link the message doesn’t start anymore with “Add gif”

I think you need to make the command "Add gif <link>"

I’m not sure I quite understand what you mean, is the code getting stuck in that segment?
Also, where should I add your suggestion?

You want the user to write “Add gif” in a message and then the gif link in the next message, but it’s not going to work

You need to have the user write a single message

I see. How can I make it all into one message?

If the user type Add gif <link> , you have that in message.content, so you need to use python string manipulation now

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