Discord.py how do you send images using the bot?

Im still a complete beginner and cant seem to find out how to get the bot to send an image. Please help.

The docs are your friend!

await send ( content=None , *** , tts=False , embed=None , file=None , files=None , delete_after=None , nonce=None , allowed_mentions=None , reference=None , mention_author=None )`

file (File) – The file to upload.
- API Reference

When you send a message, the #send method allows you to specify a file, or files to attach images.

You have to pass a property which is the discord.File type.

So in the bot reply section, paste the image link. If you right click an image, it should say Copy Image address. Click that, and in the response, paste that link. the bot will send the link which will turn into the image

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