Discouraged by everything


A lot of IT jobs are shipped over sees, cheaper. Unless its mechanical or requires you to be there, its going to a cheaper place to be manufacturing. I heard it isn’t even as good, but its cheap and its a escape from major tax along with useless permanents and environmentalist who want to tax the air your breathe. You can program no matter your location. You need to be able to think outside the box and stand out from anyone else.


This is a great idea, thanks @r1chard5mith. I’m revamping my portfolio at the moment and will be seeking both freelance and regular work - it never would have occurred to me to have two portfolios pitching at the very different audiences.


This is a good idea. I might make another one. :+1:
Thanks for your kind words. :slight_smile:


One thing I used to do where I didn’t want to add the exact truth was to put discuss at interview. So for salary put open for discussion.


Most job postings I see that asks for salary require a number.


I have updated my linkedIn and resume, I put founder of BetterWeb in the experience section. I’m gonna send applications again and see how it goes.

This is what I put:

BetterWeb - (11/17 - present)

  • Founder
  • BetterWeb is a growing online community where we share our websites and give each other feedback, suggestions or feature requests to improve the quality of our app or website.
    • Developed both user facing features and back end functionality.
    • Implemented dynamic web content, live content update and server side rendering using modern technologies such as MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js, Redux, Socket.io and Ajax.
    • Social media manager.


I’ve read to put 0 or 1 in that case so it’s understood that you’d rather not get into it before the interview.


If you have a problem getting hired here, have you tried overseas?


@jlave thanks I’ll consider it. :slight_smile:
@geekysmurf no I haven’t. I think it’s too early to give up on finding a job here though.


Yes. Get discouraged. Do something about it. I tried and I am having a hard time. I have a personal mission for this.

I have 22 years in IT. I have a 3.8 at a local university. I went back at 39. Yet somehow all some individuals of a certain ‘caliber’ need to do is show up and they get a job. No tests. No education. Seven months of experience.

I had one 23 year-old kid come over and show me. Everything he knew was scripted and given to him in processes. He could not explain a thing. He got a $90k job and his biggest complaint in life was not finding a woman who was wife-worthy. Like the model slave.

My friend, the world is not fair and while this whole, ‘don’t let others get you down’ may work in a school playground, we are neither in elementary school or a playground. So here is what I am doing. I am speaking up and out. I spoke to my dean, I spoke to the head of my school, I am looking for funding to build an organization that provides hands on learning and tangible experience so that individuals can get into the tech pipeline. (Are you listening Quincy? I could use you as a sponsor in Chicago)

My dean and the head of my school looked into this. It took a few months but now they are starting a student organization that may help sharing of knowledge and gain experience. I’d like to say it was me that inspired this but this isn’t about me. This is about you and those who are unable to gaining hands on experience. I asked the question to recruiters, “how hard is it to find talented individuals out of bootcamps or school with experience?” They said the same thing. It’s not hard finding those individuals and the hardest part is helping with experience. They come to them looking for experience. I hope to solve this. The first step is speaking up and don’t be ashamed. It’s a real problem

You are not alone. Your feelings are validated. I am here if you need to talk. Sometimes we have to be discouraged today so tomorrow we wake up tomorrow and do great things. Make it a party for change. No protests. Just a party because, who doesn’t want to come to a party?

Reach out to me if you want to talk.


There are still a ton of jobs here and the unfortunate reality is that they tech bros are pushing people out of tech. Their childish ways are causing a $16billion issue. It means companies look for senior techs because they don’t accept underrepresented (of all backgrounds and ages), women, and minorities in their little playgrounds.

We can change this by first recognizing that this is a problem. We can then help bring more diversity into the work environment. There are senior roles in Chicago-land but few junior roles.

Companies are shooting themselves in the foot. What this does is create a hole in team because the tech bros push talented individuals out. That position needs to be filled. So companies raise the stakes to attract experienced individuals rather than growing them. Meanwhile you have this revolving door where companies have bad toxic cultures that they will ignore. Those who are fed up will leave and hop to a new job because they are bullied or worse.

No one is entitled to a job. I agree. It’s not about entitlement. It’s about common sense. This vicious cycle creates a bubble that will implode like it did in the early 2000s. Trust me. You don’t want to be at the bottom of that bubble. The jobs will face equilibrium and you won’t get away with job hopping or pushing people out. Wages will plummet. You will no longer be the superstar. You will be a number. It happened in infrastructure long ago. That’s what we want to avoid. Pushing people out all together and perpetuating this bubble.

Tech Leavers Study


Have you tried putting a range within the required salary field? Like $70 - $85k. Better yet I would suggest spending $10 (search for coupons) and taking J.T. O’Donnell’s course on Udemy. You can also follow her on LinkedIn.

The reason I suggest this is it sounds like you have the tech side of things covered, but you need to still learn how the job search game works. Commit to getting better and better at this part of the equation.

Remember, you don’t need every person to like you and want to hire you. You just need to hit on one job. Treat it like a numbers game and try to improve with every experience. The better and better you get at the game the closer you will get to your end goal of getting a job.


So, you think that people who run companies are deliberately hiring less qualified people? Doesn’t make much sense, does it?

What did you do in IT for 22 years? What did you take when you went back to university? Do you have a portfolio to show to prospective employers? What are you working on right now?

If you get a programming job, you’'re very likely to be working alongside 23 year-olds, one of who may be your boss, referring to them as “kids” with “no education” isn’t likely to endear you very much. Who would choose to hire someone who doesn’t respect the employees they already have?


Let’s stay focused and help Mr. Kenneth,

Mr. Kenneth, how is your portfolio and would you two like to work on a project together? Not for money but purely to beef up our portfolio. We can create anything… or a bunch of little anythings. Like micro-sites or micro-apps.

What do you say? Anyone up for it? The sky is the limit. Let’s build our portfolios. Anyone is welcome.

@kennethlumalicay what do you say?


@philjp33 I’ll check her out. Yeah I’m definitely lacking in a lot of aspects, right now I’m trying to attend meetups and get to know people if possible. I feel anxious when I even think of attending a meetup but I know I’ll get over it. Thanks for the good advice!

@jorgelopez_biz Hi, thanks for your well thought response. Although I don’t think I’ll be doing any projects for now. I’m currently just applying, building my network and trying to get some users for BetterWeb. Thanks though, I appreciate it!


Hey guys, I’m experimenting on a new portfolio. I think this looks a lot simpler than the other one. It’s a work in progress and I would appreciate some feedback.


Hey Kenneth,

I think it looks stylish and simpler to navigate. I especially like that your social media is much more prominent. One quick suggestion in loooking at your online presence when it comes to your projects is to give more details on how you contributed to these projects. I would also suggest wording it as accomplishments rather than just stating your responsibilities.

On github and your new project site there are descriptions of the projects, but if I’m to hire you I want to know about you and what you did. How did this betterweb project come about? Did you do any research or requirements analysis? Did your design any process flows? Did you have a process for tracking versions? Debugging? How many hours did you put in? Per day?

Paint a little picture for your reader. Especially a picture that shows you doing the things that a developer in the workplace does. Also, make this stuff easy to find. A recruiter might spend a minute looking for something that catches their attention before they move on.

Don’t just rely on your tech skills matching a keyword that somebody is searching. That will get you found and maybe get your resume through some filters. Before they pick up the phone to call you they are going to want to know it’s worth their time. That’s on you to convince them that you’re worth it.

Here is an example. You have this sentence to introduce yourself on linkedin:

I’m Kenneth. I enjoy being in the tech community and connecting with like minded people.

Try something like this instead (First no need to restate your name - it’s right up above):

I have a passion for learning and developing technology that makes your life easier. Are you looking for a bar tonight? Check out my bar hopping app to quickly find some options near you. If you want to know how I built this you can find the story and source code here on github.

It seems you like to keep a low profile, but these are your chances to express who you are and what you’ve done. I know it can be intimidating at first, but you seem like a smart guy who has a passion for your work. Let that shine through.

Good luck.


Thanks for checking it out! Yeah I’ve been meaning to make a case study for BetterWeb just haven’t started it yet but definitely soon. I will be saving your questions as well and use it as my guide on writing my case study.

Definitely need to work on my writing as well. Thank you for your kind words and well written advice! I’ll be saving and following this! :slight_smile:


No problem. I think you’re on your way. I know this part can be discouraging and you feel like you’ll never get a hit. Especially when you read job descriptions that want years of experience. Don’t worry, they are just fishing too. That’s what they hope to get, but they don’t know if they can actually get someone with all those qualifications. Usually they don’t even come close. Most job descriptions are describing a Unicorn. The person doesn’t exist.

You will get there. Keep throwing your line out there and learning the right bait to put on your line.

Fwiw, I think your bar hopping app is really useful and I like the simplicity. I actually could have used it last week and will use it in the future. I would suggest cleaning it up a tad and featuring it. Just think almost everyone can use that. Especially a recruiter after a long day. Imagine a recruiter looking at your stuff and in the process you just found them a new bar to hit with their friends. You think they might give you a second look? Most definitely.

It will be much more efficient than trying to get them to understand your vision behind BetterWeb.

“I don’t know what BetterWeb is, but Kenneth just found me 3 new bars I didn’t know about. Cheers to him!!”

Lol - For better or worse that’s probably a great angle for you.

Again good luck.


It looks great. Very clean and simple but I think it would be better with a real picture of yourself, instead of a shadowy and mysterious silhouette.