Disobedient nav-bar on my Product Page


My product landing page is passing all criteria, but I’m not happy with the behaviour of the nav bar links and would like to understand why it’s not working.


At the moment, when the page loads, the links are crammed close together.

If you then shrink the screen size until the media queries take effect, the nav bar re-orients to a column. If you then re-grow the screen, the nav links are back in a row, but now have space between them.

I know I could just move on to the next project, but this is driving me crazy!

How do I make the nav bar & links appear spaced out correctly when the page loads?


Hi @JDarke, try moving padding-right: 20px; under the nav from media query to the main section

No luck. :confused:

I think I might just tear out the nav bar and try rebuilding it from scratch again.