Displaying data from .json in HTML but no style

Hi there!

So, I decided to show news in my bootstrap page with newsbox jquery plugin.

I have this issue, I am not able to fix. I have created news.json to get some news via javascript into html. I get the items I need (image, title, content), but there is no styling. Before I did this, all styles were there.

Now, the images are shown large over the whole section, instead of being shown as they are in the image above.
Can someone help me please? I am new with javascript :slight_smile:

Without seeing what code you have now, we can not help you. Put your code in a Codepen and reply with the link.

Thank you for your answer. First time here. Can I post from GitHub?

You can, but you will get more responses if you make it easier for people by putting your code in Codepen or JSFiddle. Why? Because we can see all changes real-time after we give you advice and you make changes, instead of having to wait until you push more changes and then we have to pull the changes back down. Most will not go through that trouble.

I hope I did everything ok. This is the link to Codepen

I use newsbox.jquery plugin. If I hardcode the news it is displayed properly, with all style. But when I collect data from my news.json, the news is displayed but without any css property whatsoever.

What am I doing wrong?