Div seems to be ignoring container

Hello, I’m working on my portfolio project and my divs inside the row seem to be wanting to jump outside of the container I placed it in. I’m designing it for mobile so to see what I’m talking about you’ll need to view it on a mobile device or in the inspector within chrome.

Here are some images of what I’m talking about:

I know I can add an offset column to fix the issue but I want to know why these divs would ignore the container that they’re in. They don’t appear to have any negative margin set. If you know how I can fix this or have any other advice please post below!

Just took a look at your code. I think the problem might be that you have a container within another container, which is not how bootstrap is designed to work. Try taking out the class from the inner container and see if that helps.

It looks like you are adding some negative margins.

Your id “about_title” sets the margin-left at -15px, also the “row” class sets the margin-left and margin-right at -10px.

I have attached an example of how it looks after removing the margin-left from the “about_title” id and removing the row class from the following div.