DNA Pairing Problem "C"

I just curious about “C” where is come from?
Quesiton: https://www.freecodecamp.org/challenges/dna-pairing

I don’t understand the question.

In terms of DNA, “C” stands for cytosine, an organic molecule that is part of DNA, part of a base pair with guanine.

If you’re asking about some thing in the code, I’m not sure I understand. You need to create base pairs. So, the first letter in the sequence is T and it’s base pair is A, so that is the first base pair, ["T", "A"]. The same for the second. The third is a G and it’s pair is C, so you get ["G", "C"], etc., etc. Does that make sense. If you have a T, you pair it with A. If you have an A, you pair it with T. The same for G and C. This is how DNA works.

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