DnD Survey Form Feedback

Hello. I’m wondering if anyone could help provide some feedback for my survey page?
All comments/suggestions are welcomed!

Hey Ginelle,

nice to meet you!

Congrats on your first project, you did a great job so far! :clap:

My ideas:

  • all tests pass, awesome!

  • you can get a code validation:

    • HTML validation: paste your codepen HTML code into the body
    • CSS validation: paste your whole CSS code
    • you will see some small errors, that’s totally normal; try to fix them from top to bottom, I think you are able to fix them! :+1:
  • you can increase the overall readability of your page by adding some more spacing, e.g. between the different questions; you can read more about it in principles of design

  • when I decrease the width of my browser, the content gets squeezed; this is important for people who read your page on a smartphone:

Keep up the great work,
looking forward to seeing your next steps! :slightly_smiling_face: