Do I need a backend for this, too?

Just in case, I already setup an express backend with a sql db, but was wondering if I truly need it. I want to incorporate React on the front-end, but I want to make a site for my girlfriend for her art. It will be a typical CRUD for her to post her art and have people buy the pieces over the internet. Can it just be done on a front-end sending people to PayPal? Can you guys give me ideas as to why I need a full stack or not?

EDIT: I want at least auth or possibly OAUTH on her admin sign-in to CRUD the data.

You need some form of a backend to allow her to update stuff without coding, but you don’t necessarily need the site to be dynamic or create your own CMS.

Really depends on what you’re gonna be doing with the content and what you are comfortable working with. If you’re not gonna have advanced shopping features like a cart and things like that Gatsby with Netlify CMS might be a good option (and also free).

Otherwise some that you could consider are WordPress with woocommerce, shopify, or snipcart.

There are a ton more options out there as well

Awesome, thanks a lot.