Do you hate CSS? check this out

There’s another thread where people (including I) were saying how tedious writing CSS can be.

But behold… check CSS Zen Garden.

It’s a link referenced by Colt Steel in his Udemy course on Web Development.


without css, you would have not visuals.

I know, and I also know that I’m influenced by my lack of skills at using it properly. After a while you limit yourself to a few things and forget the infinity of possibilities… That too is good to remember.

Anyway, that link gave me the boost I needed !

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Thankfully there are some really good frameworks out there that take a lot of the pain away.

I respect the existence of CSS. I just hate working with it.

That’s a lovely formulation. I’ll use it elsewhere :wink:
And that being said Less (and Sass) broaden the flexibility of it.

We need all the help we can get!


This illustrates EVERYTHING I’ve been going through for the past weeks. I start slowly, thinking “I’ve got this, yeah, I’ve got this, oh, no wait…I don’t have this, I don’t have this at all…”

And that’s not just with CSS. Anyone daring to post another link about persistence and resilience will have my figurative finger perkily erected… so to speak.

Well… You’ll probably throw stone in me, but I love CSS :heart_eyes:
I enjoy very much playing with it…

I remember back in 2013 I think, when I started learning about HTML. Then one day I started looking into CSS, it was :open_mouth: . I fell in love right away! :smiley:

Then it started… I had some struggle with it at first, until I started learning how positioning works. I remember it was very odd for me that an element with a position relative is the parent of an element with position absolute. I thought it should be exactly opposite. The element is positioned ‘relative’ to it’s parent, no? Well… I figured it out somehow.

The biggest problem I face is that I don’t have inspiration for the design (as a PSD design). I am 0, null, “”, undefined, or whatever on the design part… Colors, fonts, white space, images, agrr :rage:… I could stay for hours and I would never come up with a nice design. Luckily we can find good designers out there.

Yes, CSS is very tricky sometimes, especially when you are working on projects with several CSS files. Most people just throw an !important and solves the problem, for the moment…

I consider that we are different in many ways and that each person should find his path… Some are best at core programming, some are best at designing, etc… Find your way, and if you feel that something is not for you, don’t waste your time and get someone to do it. Meanwhile you can become even better on something that you like and are good at :slight_smile:

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Actually the link I gave was exactly because I realize there’s a lot more to CSS than I’ve cared about until now. I must admit that the seed is planted - I’ve spent the day looking around me thinking about how I’d achieve that with CSS.

But like I said (or thought, and then you probably didn’t hear), I simply feel I can’t focus on that right now…I want to tackle as much Javascript as I can…

(and the positioning in CSS…arrgh, yes, that is still a difficult one.)

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CSS Zen Garden was my “Ah Ha!” moment with CSS, where I realized how incredible CSS is – even if it’s annoying and stupid sometimes – and that I should buckle down and get into this. I mean, ALL of those Zen Garden pages have the exact same HTML and no Javascript; and people can do that many diverse things just with CSS?

I’ll never be a visual designer, but Zen Garden really made me appreciate CSS.

Also, check out this youtube video: Transcending CSS. It’s about 10 years old now, and they were working with CSS2, but it totally changed the way that I think about CSS.

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CSS is 90% of a front end developers job. The other 10% is tieing in to CMSs, writing cool animations in CSS and creating JS toggles and like 1% is writing html copy.

If you hate CSS then you may not be looking for work as a frontend developer. I work with CSS every day for hours to get things perfect. It is amazingly taxing and after 9 hours I have a headache most days.


Good point and like I said it’s something I’m working on, just needed some gigantic lamp torch in my face! That being said : I have no idea if I’ll ever be able to claim that I’m any kind of developer.

There are so many things I’m learning here that I simply didn’t even know the existence of…

All I know is I can’t stop learning every day and that I’m doing my best to assimilate things. I think I’m not the only one feeling like I can come back to CSS later to focus on JS and all that stuff.

I really like it… whats not to like!

and thanks for the insight to your job @CarlJKashnier

I’ve started looking at Javascript30 by Wes Bos and for someone like me who doesn’t know much at all, the CSS alone is really interesting !