Does FCC have a discord server

Looking for a place to chat with other programmers

There is not an official freeCodeCamp Discord server. Fairly frequently, community members will create unofficial ones, but I believe they usually die out. You can search for “discord” here on the forum to find those servers. freeCodeCamp has experimented with the Chat feature on our official subreddit, but it didn’t gain traction.

Just to add to @ArielLeslie’s comment - chat rooms tend to attract a lot of attention at first then quickly die down to a few regulars. These regulars aren’t necessarily the kind of people you want moderating a chatroom, though.

We’ve found time and time again that forums are better for creating durable communities and in-depth discussions beyond “what’s up dude” type interactions.

This said, we do have rooms over on Gitter (not as flashy as Discord but similarly functional) and they are well-moderated.

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