Does Free Code Camp have Dark Mode?

Hi, I recently found out that my dark mode extension messed with the colors in the CSS course so that I couldn’t use it.

My Question: “I was wondering if anyone knew if free code camp has their own dark mode, or if there are any dark mode extensions that won’t mess up the colors in the CSS course?”

reason: My eyes get tired after staring at plain white for so long, especially at night time when everything else is dark.

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Yup. Just go to your settings.


You can turn on the freeCodeCamp dark mode under the settings.


Thanks, that was quick! Appreciate it. :grinning:


When I read this I had a double take and as like ‘wait, isn’t it always in dark mode?’


Shows you how as soon as you switch over you are hooked!


:rofl: It really is. I first started using it on Reddit two years ago. Since then I changed all my devices to run in dark mode. Now it just feels unnatural when something pops up in white.

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