Does the Mongoose and MongoDB lesson actually connect to the database?

I recently completed the MongoDB and Mongoose lesson. I was trying to understand the different technologies involved, and I wanted to understand what MongoDB was actually persisting, but when I changed the database URL to test, it didn’t break my application. I then found it strange that my app was still passing all the tests, but not the database URL is?

Are we actually connecting to the database in that lesson, or are there further steps that need to be taken to actually use the database?

Thank you for any assistance!

Welcome there,

Yes, you connect to the database. You can see some of the test logic here: boilerplate-mongomongoose/server.js at main · freeCodeCamp/boilerplate-mongomongoose · GitHub

Thank you ! So if I break the link, should I get some kind of warning or error?

It should break without a working connection string, but you can change it to a different one as long as it is valid.

If you are using MongoDB Atlas you can log in and look at the collections to see the data.