Doesn't Work Tried Hint In Object Oriented Programming Please Help

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My code isn’t working

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let canary = new Bird("Tweety");
let ownProps = [];
// Add your code below this line
for (let property in canary) {
if (canary.hasOwnProperty(property)) {

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Challenge: Understand Own Properties

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Hello there,

You appear to have deleted some code you should not have. I recommend you reset the challenge, and start again.

Hope this helps

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You likely just copy and pasted the solution from the hints page, it is missing the constructor function. You can add the Bird constructor back at the top.

function Bird(name) { = name;
  this.numLegs = 2;

Edit: I added the constructor to the solution.


thank you it made the tests pass

No problem, happy to help. As an added bonus we got the hint solution fixed as well.

Happy coding!

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