Done! My first FCC Tribute Project

Hi everyone, I just finished my first FCC project. It’s my first coding project ever and I would greatly appreciate some feedback. My goal is to get better so please, don’t hesitate to tell me if I’ve done something bad or if there’s something I could have done better :wink: Thanks.


Amazing job! I am extremely impressed by your finesse in design. Good job,
code on!!!

  • Sami
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Awesome job! Nice design - really liked the minimalism on the second half of the site (i.e. timeline). I may be a little biased towards minimalism, but I found the first half (the title page with the coloured background) to be competing with the more lovely minimal half - maybe it was just the choice of the background photo (which is not bad at all!). Anyways, that may be just a personal taste :slight_smile: Nonetheless, great first FCC project (coming from a fellow noobie FCC camper)!

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