Don't Make Me Think

I don’t regret purchasing this book. This book covers some great content while guiding you through the pages. I find it futile to continue development without having some knowledge of design and usability of a site.

Before I read this, I assumed that every user was just like myself. Come to find out, I assumed a lot of things about the users that visited my sites - I was totally wrong.

After you read this book, you will notice certain things about sites, while you create webpages you will have a voice in the back of your head concurrently guiding every key stroke to deliver a page that is built the way you want it but also the way potential users would want it.

Click the link and checkout some of the reviews and details about the book as mine does not do justice.


@michaelhenderson I agree with you, “Don’t make me think” is a great book with valuable insights. I read it a while ago when it first came out and my eyes were open, so to speak(I need to read the latest version, I just skimmed it through) It’s easy to get caught up designing websites based on our experience when we suppose to be designing websites that suit the user.


Awesome! The second version is the one that I read. I have not read the first version but expect it to be just as good! A lot of people have read the book and it has some great feedback!

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Yes, it is. The newer versions are just updated with the current technologies and best practices that are in play presently. (During the time the book was written)

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This is the single most time-efficient way to rapidly acquire a basic sense of what constitutes good user experience.


Heard good things about this book before

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In my opinion this book is in a 3-way tie for the best book to open your mind to the benefits of design with tech (the other two being Don Norman’s “Design of Everyday Things” and Kathy Sierra’s “Badass: Making Users Awesome”).

Great idea reviewing this here! Any camper would level-up in a big way from reading this book. :slight_smile:


Compact and to the point. Must read.

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read this when I was on a newly formed usability team circa 2005/6/7… We were like a whole series of Jon Snow’s.

we knew nothing

this book really opened up my mind to ways of designing interfaces for the user

a great read.

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I’m finishing it up now and really like it. Some of it falls into the, “Well, duh, that’s kind of obvious.” - obvious, of course, once you’ve been presented with it. It was also interesting to think about how different forces within the “company” will push for different things, some of which will hurt the user experience. It’s nice to be reminded that the user should come first.

Of all the books I’ve read on web pages, this is by and far the easiest to read and fills a very important hole that all those other books (coding) ignore.

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