Don't understand skew property!

Hi, I am trying to understand skew property but can’t understand how it works! can you help.

Hi @Hisham_Elmorsi!

The skew property tilts an element to the left or right.

There is a great CSS tricks article that provides examples so you can see how it works.

Hope that helps!

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So, what is the difference between it and rotate property?

For rotate you are rotating the element either clockwise or counter-clockwise.

I would suggest looking at the CSS transformation property example so you can visually see the differences.

CSS 2D transformations

Rotate example

Skew example

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I think I have found it :
rotate : rotates all the shape .
skew: changes each point of the shape with an angel

Is that correct?

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Yeah I think of skew as a slant or a tilt. When you look at the codepen examples in the first article they took a rectangle and with skew made a parallelogram.