Doubt building the Tribute Page

Hi! Im really new at coding but Im trying my very best. However I can’t really find how to solve this:

Thank you for helping a noobie like me!


I’m not really sure what you’re asking here.

Are you trying to put a caption under two photos? I used bootstrap columns (md-6 for the photos and md-12 for the caption.)

It would help if you post a link to your pen so we can see what you’re trying to do and see how the changes will affect it.

Yes, im trying to add a caption under the photos. I will try with boostrap, let’s see if I manage to do it :smiley: Thank you!

OK, I’ll let you try it first. If you want an example, here is my tribute page where I put a caption under two photos:

Let us know if you have trouble. Don’t get discouraged - layout and bootstrap can be very frustrating.