Downloading and printing out brand new freeCodeCamp certificate

As of 8:09pm CDT, I am a very proud freeCodeCamp graduate/alumnus.

… crowd noise … crowd noise … confetti … ticker-tape …

I would like to save a copy of my certificate and print it out on nice parchment. That sucker was hard fought for and it’s going in a frame!

… I haven’t the foggiest how to do that. I highlight the thing and attempt to transfer it and it doesn’t work. I’m wanting that freeCodeCamp t-shirt and coffee-cup too, but for now it’d be great to get that certificate and tack it on my wall.

–Thank you beforehand … just be wanting to let the entire planet know that I am a computer nerd freeCodeCamp alumnus and wave that certificate around like it’s better than a new mercedes-benz, because to me it is.

FreeCodeCamp certifications don’t offer a print version

As a workaround you can open the certification while you are logged out, and press Ctrl+P to invoke the printing menu, from there you can print as pdf or print with a printer.

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