Dropdown Menu not working

Hello. I’m trying to create a menu list that drops down from the menu bar. My code doesn’t seem to be working. Can anybody tell me what needs to be fixed? Thanks! URL: https://codepen.io/ksirgey/pen/ayoOVq?editors=0100

Hey :slight_smile:

Using this example I managed to recreate the dropdown menu here: https://codepen.io/_moonwalker/pen/jLNWbe I too had a problem with getting it to work because I forgot to charge Jquery et Bootstrap in the JS (like in my screenshot)

In your pen, you do not have these added so maybe that’s the problem :smile:


So, now I’m trying a different approach. I think the drop down menu is working. This time, however, it remains hidden under the background image. I’m trying to use z-values to stack the elements so that the drop down content appears over the image. This isn’t working. https://codepen.io/ksirgey/pen/ayoOVq?editors=1100

You have /*overflow: hidden;*/ in your css for the .topnav class and that’s preventing the menu from showing. I think that if you delete it, it should work.

EDIT: Oh and you also did not charge bootstrap in JavaScript, you only did it in css and for the dropdown menu to work it needs both :slight_smile: