Eating a whole whale by one bite

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I can’t grasp a couple concepts on one lesson

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//the lesson's code 
const increment = (function() {
  "use strict";
  return function increment(number, value=1) {
    return number + value;
console.log(increment(5, 2)); // returns 7
console.log(increment(5)); // returns 6

I mean the lesson teaches how to supply out methods with default inputs, can’t it be like

//my code
var increment = (number,value=1)=>number + value;

now it’s painful that I’m googling “how to return a function” and all I get complex things
please we beginners try our best but help us to eat the whale one bite at a time

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I can’t link the challenge but you can find it from the below path

You’re right, please just ignore the outer-most function there

It’s an example of an Immediately Invoked Function Expression (IIFE), which you can read about here:

It’s unrelated to the question, probably due to something relating to the tests that run, I’m sure it’ll be changed eventually

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It has already been changed in our master branch, but not yet rolled out to production. The current production uses the IIFEs for testing purposes. We have removed them from 7 challenges which were using them strictly for testing purposes.

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