Echarts.js create dynamic data have issue

inside the js code i use html table to push the data

var dps = [];

$("table.table_1 tr").each(function(){
    key = $("td:nth-child(2)", $(this)).text();
    value = $("td:nth-child(1)", $(this)).text();
    if (value == '') {
        value = 0;  
    dps.push(['\{ value: ' + Number(value) + ', name: \'' + key + '\' \}']);

var echartPie = echarts.init(document.getElementById('echart_pie'), theme);

//var datalabel = $("#cartdatalabel").text();
//var datachart = $("#cartdata").text();

    tooltip: {
        trigger: 'item',
        formatter: "{b} : {c} ({d}%)"
    legend: {
        x: 'center',
        y: 'bottom',
        //data: ['Email']
        //data: dps.key
    calculable: true,
    series: [{
        name: 'Source',
        type: 'pie',
        radius: '25%',
        center: ['48%', '38%'],
        // data: [{value: 335,name: 'Email'}]          

But I get the result is different, below is the image result. can help I not sure where is my code problem


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I want the reult like below image

i use table to get the value push to js, because the data is dynamic

under the chart is the table value i push to js


HTML table

  <table class="table table-striped tbrecent table_1">
  <div id="detailschart" runat="server" ></div>

behind code c#

var totalcount = 0;
 totalcount = dtUser.Rows.Count;
 var listtable = "";
 for (var i = 0; i < totalcount; i++)
            listtable = listtable + "<tr><td>" + mag.nullDB2String(dtUser.Rows[i], "TOTAL_SOURCE") + "</td><td>"
                                    + mag.nullDB2String(dtUser.Rows[i], "SOURCE_DESC") + "</td></tr>";
 detailschart.InnerHtml = listtable;

after run the code

<table class="table table-striped tbrecent table_1">

because the project is in localhost does not has url

Is work Thank you so much

Thank you for your suggestion. I will try