Electricity billing system

Hey everyone, please help me regarding a project of electricity billing system in which i have to use python with oop and cretae a program using classes and objects which calculate electricity bill. Further they asked about using gui in it with tkinter…can anybody help please i just got a week left ?..i have seen tutorials on youtube but nothing is similar please help

This question isn’t super clear, which may be part of the problem for you getting started.

You’ve posted this in ‘backend help’ but mentioned Python and tkinter - so presumably this doesn’t need to be hosted on a server (a backend)?

Are you supposed to build something like an estimator/calculator program? As in, you fill in some details like number of appliances, their KwH and the unit price for electricity and then deliver a total?

I would personally start with a list of all my inputs, and then figure out the processing / calculations required to produce the expected output.

Then, look into how you would capture those inputs in Python / tkinter, and then look into how I would process those raw numbers etc.

Yes a calculator which will generate a bill when i enter all detail regarding unit used and per unit price .
I am required to develop it using classes and objects in python
Any solutions?

The forum isn’t for offering solutions, it’s for offering pathways to help you on your learning journey.

How much of the problem do you currently understand?

Do you have any code you’ve written yet to attempt this, or are you completely unable to start?

What’s your current skill level with Python / tkinter?

Knowing these things will help others know what the next steps are for you to find the solution.

I am just a beginner, i have just a know how of tkinter but with python i have a 8 months experience just wanted a overview i am not asking for the whole solution i understand just an overview that i can follow to complete the code.

Here’s two resources that might point you in the right direction.

This one gives the basics of tkinter:

This one is a Stack overflow question where someone was trying to make a gas mileage estimator using tkinter with a similar requirement in using classes and objects:

Hopefully this can get you started.

A simple electricity bill normally does not need OOP and implementing it in tkinter also is not a problem.
But if “they” want you to do that, "they "must have “their” reasons!
First think about the paramters and functions needed (use pen and paper!) and solve the problem without tkinter. After that create a layout on paper ( Labels, buttons and so on) and talk to “them” to be sure “they” agree with your Solution.
After that impelment your solution step by step, function by function in tkinter.