Electron - Build cross platform desktop apps


It’s an interesting perspective to say the less. Somewhat similar approach to JVM. I am using Franz App which is an Electron App and it’s quite robust and fast application. Also, for my daily task coding i use Atom Editor which is also made in Electron. We’ll let time tell us how great will it be.

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I really like the idea behind Electron and are planning on using it in the near future for a greenfield project.
The only tradeoff problem for me is for a basic app the footprint is quite big (>30Mb), where a similar app in C# would be about <1Mb, but I think with the power that comes with Electron, that’s not a bad problem to have.

I see the issue of Electron apps being big too, but on the other hand it is a fast and easy way to develop for multiple OSs on the fly. How much time would it take to rewrite that C# code for Linux and OSX? (Honest question)

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This is some awesome software :slight_smile:

I agree with you. Electron makes it possible to go beyond the native look and feel that comes with out-of-the-box visual components in C#.

I have also tried to incorporate a web layer inside my C# apps which you can basically access via a browser, but that was not a trivial and quick task.

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I used it to create a mobile app for my father, he needed to track tasks on the farm so I used it along with Firebase, really good.

I have heard from several people who have experience in this area that it is better to use NW.js instead of Electron. It’s been around 5 years longer, it’s less buggy, updated faster (within 24 hours of when Node 6 came out of Beta), better documentation, and supports about twice as many platforms. It’s also far easier to use (I’ve seen a live demo).

I have been using nw.js for a year in conjunction with SQLite and so far it is very robust. I am teaching students to write simple stand-alone e-commerce apps than run from a USB stick and so far it is working well. I had to scaffold a lot of it for them and write a few js libraries. But what I’d really like is a tutorial similar to the Electron one but specific to nw.js. I selected nw.js over electron because of the learning curve for students. Compared to Electron, nw.js is very straightforward. Hope that helps. Cheers