Elon Musk Tribute Page - Feedback Appriciated

Check out my Tribute Page done slightly differently to most. Please let me know parts to improve and any ocnstructive feedback is welcome!

EDIT: Heres the link, feel stupid now :stuck_out_tongue: http://codepen.io/George_1/pen/rrBvAo

You’re post doesn’t have a link to your tribute page :frowning:

Added it! Oops!:joy:

Nice! :thumbsup:

You may want to reduce the size of Elon’s picture. Its height occupies around half of the entire page.

There’s nothing more I can say about your work design-wise, so I’ll just point out a couple of typos.

  • A timeline of Elons Elon’s reach for the stars
  • he moved to Onterio Ontario
  • PHD should be PhD
  • Zip2 was sold ad and Elon recieved
  • Elon aquired acquired SolarCity
  • sustainable electric transportaion transportation and solar power
  • Mars and Earth should be capitalized

Im not supprised there are typos. The content was secondary to the programming and I cannot write well at all. Will go and fix all of them though. Thanks!