Email Contact Form for Portfolio Project

Hello all,

I have spent a long time today unsuccessfully trying to find out about creating an email contact form for my portfolio one page site.
I will be putting it at the end of my single page portfolio and want it to take up the central third of the row.
Could anybody point me in the right direction for some help please?
Thankyou :sunny:

Hey Matt!

I found the lessons in the FCC curriculum regarding forms and buttons to be really helpful. Here is some basic code to hopefullly get you pointed in the right direction.

div class = “form”>

<div class = "well">
      <input type = "text" placeholder= "First Name">
        <input type = "text" placeholder="Last Name">
    <input type = "text" placeholder = "Phone #">

    <input type  = "text" placeholder = "E-mail">

     <button class = "btn-info">Submit</button>

      <button class = "btn-danger">Clear</button>

Hi Andre,

Thanks for that. I need to read up more on those. Appreciate the code.
What I’ve done is cut and paste some code which functions visually but I don’t really understand how to implement it fully yet.

I’ll use that as a visual placeholder till I can get it looking and working correctly.

Thanks again.

Mat. :grin:

Hey @MatWard

No problem! Happy to help!

:smiley: is good for functional email forms on a static site

How spooky is that…I just came across it on a YouTube video (DevTips). Thanks very much for the link - that should be perfect.