Email Login to FreeCodeCamp

why every time i login with my email its requires a one time pin. Please include password so i don’t need to have to log to my email to retrieve pass code each time.

Given that Quincy wrote an article titled 360 million reasons to destroy all passwords, I don’t think that’s likely. If you’re logging in from the same computer and you don’t clear your browser storage you should stay logged in and not have to go through the email process every time.

I don’t have any views on passwords either way. My hope is freecodecamp should be made easier to use. Currently it adds burden of having access to personal email, which for me is not available all the time.

Hope we come to a happy medium.

As I said, as long as you are on the same device and haven’t cleared your browser cache and storage, you don’t need to check your email.

thanks for your help. The benefits of FreeCodeCamp out-ways the small inconvenience i would have as i use multiple devices.

I am a delighted to use FreeCodeCamp and appreciate the open source community.