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Your login and unsubscribe doesn’t work. I would like to unsubscribe from your website emails and would like to delete my account.

Hi @mr.tuulai !

Welcome to the forum!

You can contact to figure out why the unsubscribe button is not working.

As for deleting your account, you can scroll down to the bottom of your account settings page and click to delete your account.

I’ve just sent an email to .
For deleting my account. I couldn’t log in too. So that, I can’t see my account settings page. I had to create a new account in order to ask a question from this Hope the support team helps me. Thank you for the reply.

Hello there,

Just for clarification: What account are you wanting deleted?

If it is a forum account here on, then a moderator will have to delete the account at your request.

If it is a /learn (curriculum) account at (the two mentioned platforms are completely disconnected - one does not have to do with the other), then you will need to either:
a) Log in, navigate to /settings, and delete the account
b) Contact support (by email), as you have, providing evidence the account you want deleted is your account.

Hope this clarifies

The account that I wanted to delete is learn (curriculum) account at I couldn’t log in with my email account. Even though, I always receive emails to my email address. When I click unsubscribe it throws an error. The same error that shows when I try to log in.

Support team said:

Turns out that you had duplicate accounts caused by an old bug. The bug was fixed some time ago, but it still affects some people.
I just merged your accounts. Please try signing in again and let me know if you have any other issues.

Solved my problem. Thanks

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