Embarking on a new coding journey

Good day all! It is good to use a free resource in order to learn how to become a developer. First, a few things about myself, (and some goals.)

Edit to add: For those wondering how to pronounce my Handle – it is “Cal MER ann” – an OLD D&D villain I created…my first

I am currently working as an analyst in staff movement for a crown corporation in Canada. I left a career of almost 30 years in kitchens to pursue something different, and proceeded to spend the next 5 as a supervisor. I found that there was overlap in skill-set, and did pretty well in supervision.

The reason I had set myself into kitchens was because I actually dropped out of high-school (I had left home at 16, and needed to make ends meet) so I had always had the thought that I didn’t deserve to pursue a computer-related career, because we were always taught as kids that the process to being successful was school → work in a steady job with benefits → happiness and retirement.

Of course, we all know that isn’t true. Fast forward to 2021, and I took a chance at applying for a position in Planning, Control, and Reporting – but I FAILED the Excel entry-level test (CURSE YOU V-LOOKUP!) but was lucky enough to have been offered a temporary position to replace someone on sick leave.

I thought I knew Excel, LOL. I didn’t, but I did have a resource we didn’t when I was younger, and that is YouTube and the Internet. Not only did I excel (see what I did there?) at the position, but I applied and obtained a position in Staff Movement where I use Excel, Power Query, and Web-Based applications with back-end SAP extracts

So… all that preamble to say that I STILL suffer from impostor syndrome. BUT… I know I can do it…

Thing is, I don’t know WHAT that thing is. So, over the next year I have chosen to focus on M language for work, with VBA for my Excel and Office 365 workflow. Where all this fits in with this freeCodeCamp?

It doesn’t necessarily for work, but for the future, I would like to transition into a DEV role, where I create tools to make people’s lives easier. I am not sure where to start, and what languages to look into, so I am starting here.

I was thinking about C# maybe, because there are hooks into Microsoft 365 with that…

But I also would like to side-quest Game dev, if at all possible, maybe focusing on the Mobile end, as I have it on hand at all time…

Anyway, I have rambled enough, and if you are reading this far, thank you so much for reading! Cheers…

Hi there! I’m also new here. I just want to say that, from a fellow stranger to another, it takes a great deal of determination to try to surpass oneself and to change careers after a long time.

So, there’s that. You can do it.