Embedding Specific Heat Calculator From Omni Calculator in Google Sites Website and Removing Video Link

I am embedding a calculator for specific heat at omni calculator at Specific Heat Calculator.
I have the following code:

<div class="omni-calculator" data-calculator="physics/specific-heat" data-width="300" data-config='{}' data-currency="USD" data-show-row-controls="false" data-version="3" data-t="1644283455391">
  <div class="omni-calculator-header"></div>
  <div class="omni-calculator-footer">
    <a href="https://www.omnicalculator.com/physics/specific-heat" target="_blank"><img alt="Omni" class="omni-calculator-logo" src="https://cdn.omnicalculator.com/embed/omni-calculator-logo-long.svg" /></a>
<script async src="https://cdn.omnicalculator.com/sdk.js"></script>

I would like to prevent the video link from embedding and just add the calculator.
Is there an option to do this?

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