Empty input box display="none"

Hi I have a div in html (searchlist) which is filtered using the javascript below from the content of an input box (id searchbar) is it possible to also set .style.display=“none” if the input box is empty?

  	<button class="searchbtn"><img src="Images\search.png" id="s-icon">
  		<div id='searchlist'>
  			<a class="pages" href="test.html">test</a></li>
  			<a class="pages" href="best.html">best</a></li>
  			<a class="pages" href="rest.html">rest</a></li>
  		<div class="searchbar">
  			<input type="text" id="searchbar" onkeyup="search_sitemap()" placeholder="" value="Search.." maxlenght="25" autocomplete="off" />

<script type="text/javascript">
    	//search site for pages
    	function search_sitemap() { 
    	let input = document.getElementById('searchbar').value 
    	let x = document.getElementsByClassName('pages'); 
    	for (i = 0; i < x.length; i++) {  
        	if (!x[i].innerHTML.toLowerCase().includes(input)) { 
        	else { 

Hi @ldarley! There are some issues here. I’ll list them for your convenience:

  1. Imperative vs. declarative. It’s commonly agreed that declarative practices are less error-prone and more efficient. So, instead of having a list of anchors that you would try to control (with CSS :space_invader:) with searchbar you could say 'OK, here’s an array of anchors and I will always show it taking info consideration .filter method that is always attached to that array.

  2. I would argue against .includes for searching text content. For example:

const a = 'blue shiny car'
a.includes('blue car') // false

You need a word-based comparison, not a sub-string one

Wow thanks for your response, Javascript is hard I thought I was close too as it looked like nice all formatted with CSS but I guess I am miles away! I had assumed there was a way to add another if condition in vba I would do something like if isblank(input) then… but I assume this type of condition is not then possible?

So as an alternative here is my array:

var search_sitemap = [
    page{title:"test", href:"test.html", keyword:"test, testing"}
    page{title:"best", href:"best.html", keyword:"best, besting"}
    page{title:"rest", href:"rest.html", keyword:"rest, resting"}


I hope that looks ok?

I am struggling with the .filter function though as I can’t figure out how the if condition should work or the return element, I may be way away hopefully you can point out where.

function search_sitemap() { 
      let input = document.getElementById('searchbar').value 

      var shortlist = search_sitemap.filter(function (page){
        if(!input ||  pages.keyword.toLowerCase().indexOf(input)!==-1){
            return '<a href="$[$href).text()}">${$(title).text()}</a>'

Careful, Java and JavaScript are completely different things

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Sorry yes absolutely, now modified :grinning: