.env file won’t come?

When I try to make a new file named “.env” it says “You cannot create .env files anymore, checkout the environment variable sidebar”

@Teakki Welcome to the forum.

If Repl.it does not allow you to create .env files there is another way to add your environmental variables. Check the lock icon in the sidebar.

I was able to locate this document to assist you.

It appears that Replit is rolling out a new UI to users.


Hi @Teakki !

This change was made about a month ago.
I would suggest reviewing the documentation that @brandon_wallace gave you.

But the process is quite simple.

Here is a visual.


I followed this:

# super secret token
DB_USERNAME="admin" # this one has quotes :)

And when I run the replit it does nothing. (For context it should type “The person currently assisting you is Tea Bot”

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