Eror with create bot in discord

in this video: (time code in the link)
so i get eror:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 28, in‘TOKEN’))
TypeError: ‘_Environ’ object is not callable

the 2 file:

so pls help
tnx. shalev

Hi @shalevdj !

Welcome to the forum!

Replit changed their design so you can’t create env files anymore.
I am kind of surprised it allowed you to create the file because for me there is an error message.

You need to use the secrets tab instead for your keys.

again i have eror maybe i do the code wrong how can i add it?

and i just add “space”.env

You will add TOKEN to the key and then the value will be your discord bot.

Then you have'TOKEN'))
Just like you had before.

yee tnx it’s working tnx)

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