[ERROR] Create a tribute page

Hello everyone, all right?

I need super help! I’m having trouble finishing the activity “Create a tribute page | FreeCodeCamp”.

I believe that the project has already been completed, but when testing it on the playground, it returns that the platform has identified 3 problems:

1° - The img element must have the display attribute with the block value.
2° - The #image element must have the max-width attribute with the value 100%.
3° - The #image element must be centered within its parent element.

I don’t know how to proceed! All these items are in the CSS file, with the requested values.

Ahhh… this is controlled even when we insert the CSS from the example page of the platform itself.

Has anyone ever experienced this? Could you help me?

The code of my attempted solution can be seen here: https://codepen.io/alesilvabrazil/pen/OJwqYqV

Thanks in advance!

You must link the stylesheet correctly. In fCC the stylesheet name is styles.css not style.css

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Thank you for the warning. How silly of me! :flushed: I focused on the code and didn’t pay attention. In addition to your note, I also noticed that I had not changed the path for " styles.css". Now it worked out. Again, hyper thanks and good luck! :wink:

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