Error following tutorial - How to Build a React Native App and Integrate It with Firebase

I’m attempting to follow the tutorial mentioned above How to Build a React Native App and Integrate It with Firebase and after copying the code snippets and following the instructions, I’m getting an error when attempting to login.
The error is as follows:
"The action ‘NAVIGATE’ with payload {…} was not handled by any navigator. Do you have a screen named ‘Home’?

I have copied the code exactly from the tutorial, and checked my code against the code in the GitHub for the tutorial - it all seems ok, so I’m a bit lost where to go from here.

Hello! Welcome to the community :partying_face:!

Could you share your code, please? You can use Repl, github, gitlab, bitbucket or any other tool you know :slight_smile:.

I could - though my code is literally cut and pasted from that tutorial with zero changes. It would be interesting if someone else could run through the tutorial and see if it works for them. It appears the Home screen just isn’t rendering at all. When I attempt to enable the persistence that should automatically log in to the home screen when the app is opened, I get an absolutely blank screen.

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I am happy to share it though if necessary.

Don’t know why I didn’t check the issues first :laughing:.

This issue has been reported and a fix has been proposed (though it’s not merged).

This is a copy/paste of the solution:

Link to the issue: