Error in 23 step cafe menu css

body {

  background-color: burlywood;   

  /* your comment */


h1, h2, p {

  text-align: center;


div {

  width: 300px;


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I need your help where will I write comment section in CSS?

In your style sheet, comment out the the line containing the background-color property and value, so you can see the effect of only styling div element. This will make the background white again.

What does it mean?

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This means to put the comment characters /* and */ at the start and end of the line with the background-color property.

You need to surround the background-color property within the comment tags so that they do not affect the styling of the page.

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I have struggled much in this step 23 until I did it.


don’t forget to end with curl braces (})

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