Error in Guide (Caesar Cipher)

The code and the code explanation for the basic solution here are clearly mismatched:

(Is it OK to be reporting it here in a new topic, since the original one is now closed?)

@CarloMartini Thanks for reporting this.

@anon52159105 - At one point, I know you were involved with helping clean up the old guides. Is this one that can be corrected? If you are not involved, do you know when the guides will be converted over github?

We are working daily on converting the guides. There’s no expected time of completion. I could probably edit the forum article, however they’ll be obsolete within the coming months. If you’d like I’ll add to my to-do list for tonight. Let me know, thanks!

OK, thanks for the info. How could I (or anyone else) go about helping out with the conversion process? I have no idea what is involved, but I don’t mind learning something new if that is what is involved.

I didn’t know these guides were obsolete, and I was studying on them quite frequently… Should I be using the site? Anyway, the mismatch is still there:

First things first I recommend reading the freeCodeCamp Guide’s file it explains everything you need to know about contributing to the freeCodeCamp Guide, as for the forum posts, only site moderators can edit them as the threads are closed at this point.

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