Error on factorialize a number

Hey guys I’m kinda confused here I did the following code, but it keeps coming back as an error, am I missing something this is supposed to multiply from 12345

function factorialize(num) {
let result = 1;
  for (let i= 1; i < num; i++) {
    result = result * i;
return result;

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Challenge: Factorialize a Number

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If i < num and num = 5, then i is never 5.

Also, log the final line like console.log(factorialize(5)); to see what is really happening.

I console.log is shows up as 24 not 120, I’m gonna try a different method instead.

Your current method will work fine if you fix the problem @jeremy.a.gray pointed out. Will you ever multiply the result by num? What is 24*5?

24 * 5 would be 120 I’m still blind to it, I took a break gonna look at it again

for (let i=1; i<5; i++) {
  console.log("i is" + i);

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