Error on project clue

Hi, there is an error on the Dice Game Javascript Proyect.

This is the question for the step 85, where it says that the values are 4 and 40

If the user rolls a large straight, then the Large straight radio button option should be enabled with a score of 40 points.

Start by creating an if statement to check if uniqueNumbersStr is included in the largeStraightsArr. If so, call the updateRadioOption with 4 and 40 for the arguments.

This is the clue, where says that is 3 and 30.

You should call your updateRadioOption with 3 and 30 for the arguments.

I would like to report this error, thanks

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Thank you for reporting it.

I made a PR to fix it.

In the future, please link to the challenge step.

We also have an issue tracker you can use to report bugs.