Error: package.json should have a valid "author"


I can’t pass the test for the first task in the course Managing Packages with NPM. I’ve added the author key but it still does’t go through. Is it something wrong with my live app on GitHub?

project live: Backend Challenges boilerplate - package.json | fcc-boilerplate-npm
GitHub: fcc-boilerplate-npm/package.json at gomix · annatyrka/fcc-boilerplate-npm · GitHub

I have seen quite a few posts on this problem which means that a lot of us came across it, however I still can’t understand how to complete it.

Thank you

Hello there,

Your app needs to be hosted by a server capable of running Nodejs. That is why you are given the option to use Replit, if you are unsure how to do this yourself.

Hope this clarifies

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