Error: Picasso Painting step 44 of Advanced CSS

Step 44 of (New) Responsive Web Design.

(New) Responsive Web Design - Step 44

The error hint is asking for width, but it means to be asking for the height.

I wrote in a comment in the code where the issue is. The error was noticed when I had accidentally skipped writing the height property. I figure this should be corrected, as it may cause a more modest developer some unnecessary frustration.

Edit: I did a Bing search whether anyone had reported this issue. Bing tends to miss plenty, so if it is an repeat, I do apologise. Also, Step 34 needed a space. It said << div#offwhite-character>> when it meant to say << div >> then <<#offwhite-character>>.

For additional proof, here I just wrote the wrong value for the property.

You are correct. The test is:

Your #gray-mask selector should have a width property set to 150px.

assert(new __helpers.CSSHelp(document).getStyle('#gray-mask')?.height === '150px');

The best way to report this is to create an issue on GitHub with the same detail you have done here.

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