Error still logged in console!

im tring to authenticate using firebase in angular project , and im tring to catch errors to prevent them from showing in console but it dont works , any help ?
…code >>

signUp(form: FormGroup) {
    return this.auth.createUserWithEmailAndPassword(form.controls['email'].value, form.controls['password'].value)
      .then((cred) => {
        let $usersRef = doc(this.fireStore, "users", (cred.user?.uid)!);
        return setDoc($usersRef, {
          fullName: form.controls['fullName'].value,
          userName: form.controls['userName'].value,
          imgUrl: "imglink/",
      .catch((error) => {

If you don’t want errors in the console, why are you logging them to the console?

im trying to handle it , catch the error which back from the serve and logging custom message .
ex of errors which im talking about

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