Error whenever im trying to run this code

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import pandas as pd

def calculate_demographic_data(print_data=True):
# Read data from file
df = pd.read_csv(“”)

# How many of each race are represented in this dataset? This should be a Pandas series with race names as the index labels.
race_count = df['race'].value_counts()

# What is the average age of men?
average_age_men = round(df[df["sex"] == "male"]["age"].mean(),1)

# What is the percentage of people who have a Bachelor's degree?
len(df[df["education"] == "Bachelors"])
total_num = len(df)
percentage_bachelors = round(len(df[df['education'] == 'Bachelors']) / len(df) * 100, 1)

# What percentage of people with advanced education (`Bachelors`, `Masters`, or `Doctorate`) make more than 50K?
# What percentage of people without advanced education make more than 50K?

# with and without `Bachelors`, `Masters`, or `Doctorate`
higher_education = df[df["education"].isin(["bachelors","Masters","Doctorate"])]

lower_education = df[~df["education"].isin(["bachelors","Masters","Doctorate"])]

# percentage with salary >50K
non_percentage_higher  = len(higher_education[higher_education.salary == ">50K"])

higher_education_rich = round(non_percentage_higher / len(higher_education)*100, 1)

non_percentage_lower  = len(lower_education[lower_education.salary == ">50K"])

lower_education_rich = round(non_percentage_lower / len(lower_education)*100, 1)

# What is the minimum number of hours a person works per week (hours-per-week feature)?
min_work_hours = df['hours-per-week'].min()

# What percentage of the people who work the minimum number of hours per week have a salary of >50K?
num_min_workers = df[df['hours-per-week'] == min_work_hours]

rich_percentage = round(len(num_min_workers[num_min_workers.salary == ">50K"]) / len(num_min_workers)*100,1)

# What country has the highest percentage of people that earn >50K?
country_count =   df['native-country'].value_counts()
country_rich_count = df[df['salary'] == '>50K']['native-country'].value_counts

highest_earning_country = (country_rich_count / country_count * 100).idxmax()
highest_earning_country_percentage = round((country_rich_count / country_count * 100).max(), 1)

# Identify the most popular occupation for those who earn >50K in India.
top_IN_occupation = None


if print_data:
    print("Number of each race:\n", race_count) 
    print("Average age of men:", average_age_men)
    print(f"Percentage with Bachelors degrees: {percentage_bachelors}%")
    print(f"Percentage with higher education that earn >50K: {higher_education_rich}%")
    print(f"Percentage without higher education that earn >50K: {lower_education_rich}%")
    print(f"Min work time: {min_work_hours} hours/week")
    print(f"Percentage of rich among those who work fewest hours: {rich_percentage}%")
    print("Country with highest percentage of rich:", highest_earning_country)
    print(f"Highest percentage of rich people in country: {highest_earning_country_percentage}%")
    print("Top occupations in India:", top_IN_occupation)

return {
    'race_count': race_count,
    'average_age_men': average_age_men,
    'percentage_bachelors': percentage_bachelors,
    'higher_education_rich': higher_education_rich,
    'lower_education_rich': lower_education_rich,
    'min_work_hours': min_work_hours,
    'rich_percentage': rich_percentage,
    'highest_earning_country': highest_earning_country,
    'top_IN_occupation': top_IN_occupation

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Challenge: Demographic Data Analyzer

Link to the challenge: text

Long story: The error message is a “traceback” meaning from top to bottom, it’s listing in which file the interpreter was when encountering an error (because of imports, it’s several files).
The top file is the where the code is actually called (which you are not supposed to change - so ignore), the second file is where you have written code and thus it’s pointing toward the line with the error in line 49.

Then comes a lot of useless stuff because that’s just imported libraries.
At the bottom is the actual error: you tried to divide a method by a number in that order → meaning “country_rich_count” for whatever reason is a method.

Now look into your code, where you create that value and see what’s wrong.

Short story: You missed the “()” at the end of the method :wink:

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