ERROR: You should be logged in to postgresql

Hi all!,
I am trying to work the relational database “build mario database” but the CODEROAD tells me the following error: “You should be logged in to postgresql” and it does not run the check to see if I completed the task, so I have to log off, with \q out of the psql and log in again to get the task completed, everytime on every taks.

did this happen to anybody else?

please any advise? I have soft-rest, I did a full reset on the coderoad, I have clean the history and cookies, still happening.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Is it possible to share a screenshot of the error?


please see attached both, the error prior having done the task where it says I should be logged and then the successful task after I logged off and looged in again.
I hope it helps.

Best regards,

Did you try running the tests manually?

You can do one more thing: close the terminal with the command exit. Then re-open the terminal asnd try.

Check out these troubleshooting steps as well.

I did triesd that, and soft reset. Restart of all coderoad.

I would like if any admin could delete my environment and any data related to the task and the I could start it agian.

Best regards

You can use the last resort option to start from the beginning @pabs0coder.