Reenter an interrupted course

I started the relational database certification (it’s my first) and yesterday I had to interrupt my work while doing the mario db. Can anybody help me with how to pick up where I left off? When I hit the green codeally but then I just end up in a blank project window. Do I have to open some file? If so, where do I find that?
Many thanks…

Try this:

  1. Hamburger menu
  2. “View”
  3. “Command Palette”
  4. “CodeRoad:Start”
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Great, it does the trick. Can you give me a clue about where I should have learned about this? There is a problem though, which is that I’m still unable to connect to the db. The prompt in the terminal is “codeally@03efae14d4df:~/project$” and typing “psql --username=freecodecamp dbname = postgres” I get: psql: error: connection to server on socket “/var/run/postgresql/.s.PGSQL.5432” failed: FATAL: role “codeally” does not exist

This is the joy of being a beta tester. In theory that process should start up automatically, but it doesn’t always work.

As for your continued errors, it sounds like there’s something similar going on with the postgres issue. I can try to google around for you, but I haven’t dealt with that one myself yet.

Hello there, for any future issues, you might be able to find the answer here: Running the Relational Database Curriculum in your Browser

Hope this helps


Hi, thank you. I think the staff member below directed me to the correct place to find the answer to this problem…

I had the same problem but after clicking on hint until i had the last one it said to enter in the terminal
“psql --username=freecodecamp dbname=DATABASE”
if the database you are working on is “mario_database” you will replace the DATABASE with mario_database like this:

psql --username=freecodecamp dbname=mario_database

if that doesn’t work enter this first:

sudo services postgresql start;

hope this helps anyone who finds this :slight_smile:

Hi! I had the same issue this evening, i’ve found a workaround, I hope this helps!
You can use psql anyways use following commands:
$ sudo su postgres
/home/codeally/project$ psql -d postgres -U freecodecamp


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