An Issue with Relational Database Course

Hi everybody,

I’m going through the Mario Database part and seem a bit stuck. I opened my VS Code, and now I’m not connected to the database. I remember there was a command to connect to it, but it was in the beginning, and now I’m a bit lost.

Can someone please provide the command ? I’m sure it will help me, I’m hoping that the database progress is still there. Thanks, have a great day)

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I think it’s just \c dbname

You can also look at the commands and steps in the tutorial.json file.

Not sure if you can just reconnect, you may have to start over.

Hi @JerryTheQuad !

Are you talking about this command?

psql --username=freecodecamp dbname=postgres
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Hi there,

Happy holidays and may everything be smooth for you this year. Yeah, I was asking about this command, but alas — the program is still giving me this error.

It looks like it is the same issue with the user at the end of this thread.

When I try to continue a lesson, I get the same error message.

But if I start from the beginning, then it works perfectly.

Unfortunately, that is the best answer I can give you right now.

Here is Tom’s repsonse to the other post.
You can try running those commands he mentions to see if that works for you.


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