ES Lint Errors Issue

I downloaded and installed ESLint. I have it working however I am trying to disable the error message I get when using single quotes (it wants me to change it to ") . I remember it being an option when I first downloaded and installed, but now I don’t know how to edit it to where I do not receive that error code on ‘single quotes’ . I have researched and tried to find in settings etc and have had no luck. If you can help let me know. The one code I know to turn it off would have to be put on each JS file and that is annoying. Thanks for the help guys!

"quotes": [0 "double"] in the rules section of your config should do it I think

Correct, but I do not want to do that each time, I would like for it to default be okay with single quotes.

ESLint works in a per-project basis. You put it in the config, and it applies to the project. If you don’t have an ESLint config file in the project, it will look in the directory above for one and so on. So just shove one in the directory above

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Oh I know people it doesn’t happen to. There is a question in the set tup I screwed up on with asking if I wanted single quotes or double and clicked double.

Just run it again then?