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So in a earlier lesson it was stated that titles for const variables should be in all CAPS and use _ for spaces and when that is applied here I am given an error. Any thoughts?

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const MAGIC = () => {
"use strict";
return new Date();

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Challenge: Use Arrow Functions to Write Concise Anonymous Functions

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the tests expect magic function, which is different from MAGIC.

The convention of writing the variable in all caps is mostly used for things that don’t really change, like numbers and strings. But it’s really just a convention, so if you are asked to write a variable name in usual camel case you should do that

This is not true. For now, just ignore that rule, so:

const magic = () => ...

This convention nowadays mostly applies for GLOBAL_VARIABLES (which are not always constants btw), like environmental variables (including constants like Number.PI, Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER etc.) and GLOBAL_MESSAGES, like error.FATAL_ERROR etc. (incl. Redux actions that are basically a form of global inter-component communication)

Everyone feel free to comment on my suggestion about this very thing!