ES6 - Use the Rest Parameter with Function Parameters

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I’m putting the correct solution but its saying that I’m not?

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const sum = (...nums) => nums.reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0);

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Challenge: ES6 - Use the Rest Parameter with Function Parameters

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The directions say to use the rest parameter on args.
You wrote nums here

It doesn’t seem like it does

Modify the function sum using the rest parameter in such a way that the function sum is able to take any number of arguments and return their sum.

the paragraph before refers to the example unless its refers to both the example and my solution

thanks for replying!

Take a look at the last test case here

sum should be an arrow function which uses the rest parameter syntax (... ) on the args parameter.

It is saying to use the rest syntax on a parameter called args
That is why you are falling the test.

You are using nums as a parameter name here

The test is looking for a parameter name of args.

Once I change that in your code then it passes.

Hope that helps :+1:

Ahh, I didn’t look closely at the test cases

thank you!

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