Escape sequence

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i am not understanding what to do

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var myStr= FirstLine
ThirdLine\; // Change this line

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Challenge: Escape Sequences in Strings

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you need to create a string, which is a series of characters surrounded by quotes (you don’t have quotes)
And in this string you need to create escape characters, those indicated in the challenge instructions, so that when the string is displayed in the console it show as instructured

so you don’t actually have to put a line break in your string, you put in \n as that is the escaped character that indicate a line break, etc


first it needs to be a string like

var myStr = "FirstLine SecondLine ThirdLine"

then use these instructions

FirstLine newline tab backslashSecondLinenewline ThirdLine

from this list

\'	single quote
\"	double quote
\\	backslash
\n	newline
\r	carriage return
\t	tab
\b	word boundary
\f	form feed

hope this helps